Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Death and taxes on Coffee?

The above picture is the chemical formula for Caffeine. The last, greatest, untaxed mind altering substance consumed by over 80% of the worlds' population on a daily basis...whether through coffee, tea, soda or chocolate. It is one of the oldest, natural legal stimulants. Since taxes are currently being added to just about everything (cell phones charges are on the list, cities taxing more waste services, and plastic/paper grocery bags)I hope they don't look at caffeine as the next drug to tax. I'm sure it's been considered. I hope it's not the next tax target. Talk about erupting a Boston Tea/Coffee party! Caffeine Consumers of the World Unite! I am enjoying my morning coffee right now. It is easing me into the day. Can you imagine 8% being added onto your frappucino bill? (I don't have to worry about that I just drink plain coffee and iced coffee...)

I had the fortunate pleasure to be taken to my favorite small batch roastery yesterday. Indian River Espresso and Coffee Co. in Millsboro, DE. Dennis Lasher is the roastmaster, and a great one at that. Fresh coffee was being roasted right in front of me and other customers. The aromas were amazing. I picked up some coffee with an origin in Timor, a dark roast. Some Kenya Peaberry beans and Dennis threw in some Indian Robusta beans...they have twice the caffeine as an arabica bean, however robusta beans are not considered as high quality. The beans were glistening with oils and are very fragrant. I can't wait to enjoy these roasts at home. Dennis made an iced coffee for me with a shot of espresso (Timor roast beans), water, ice and cream. It was the best I've had a in a long time. It really made me realize how storebought and even quality franchise coffee is just not as good as fresh roasted coffee from a local roastery. If you have a local roastery near you be sure to give their beans a try and support such a local enterprise.

The sun is shining, it's not raining and I'm hoping it's going to be a great day. Carpe Diem.


  1. Wow, that iced coffee sounds GOOD. I want some too! There's a local roaster like that in Princeton that I just love. I used to go there every day to buy my breakfast (they got me hooked on the steel-cut oats and now all other oatmeal is dead to me). We should go there sometime if you're feeling adventurous.

    I don't see there being a caffeine tax, because it's not destructive like cigarettes or plastic grocery bags, but if such a tax existed I'd be right on the front lines of the rebellion! Liberty! Freedom! CAFFEINE!

  2. I'd like to check out that roaster in Princeton next time I'm in the area.. I would love to try it! I don't see there being a caffeine tax either, but who knows in this here crazy world. Revenues are way down on everything so why not attack the last legal vice? And I'm glad to see caffeine being acknowledged in its proper place after liberty and freedom! Java rights need to be protected! Save the bean!