Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 25, lungs and other essential things

Yes. I have made it to day 25 smoke-free. I am feeling good about this. The cravings are less and less. I feel very committed to this decision to live a healthier life without cigarettes.

It may seem hackneyed but the photo above really does scare me! That is a lung with emphysema. COPD is a horrible condition, involving chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema. Basically the lungs are completely trashed by that point. There is hardly anything left in the lungs to take in the oxygen. People on oxygen tanks, gasping for each breath, it's ugly. I do NOT want to be in that condition ever.

I have a new appreciation for my lungs, I want to take good care of them, they are essential for life. How I went on trashing them with smokes for so many years speaks to the powerful addictive nature of the death sticks. Nuf' said on that.

In case you were wondering (because I was!) I have been smoke-free for:

25 days, 3 hours, 10 minutes and 29 seconds, as of a few seconds ago. I can't wait to count in months, then years. That would be a true blessing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Struggle for Freedom

I quit smoking, again. Yes, I know a few of you are going to view this with a cynical eye, "when will he start back up again?" and some of you are saying "GO Chris! You can do it! Good for you! That is Awesome!". I'm going to listen to the latter folks who offer positive vibes and feedback. I can't afford to be around negative people in this struggle to stay off cigarettes.

I quit exactly 17 Days, 19 hours, 48 minutes and 47 seconds ago on 2/19/11. I had my last smoke just before midnight. ( I have this great APP widget on my phone that shows me how long and how much I've saved.) Had I continued smoking I would have had about 410 cigs by now. I have also NOT consumed about 2460 MG of Tar into my lungs.

This time I have gone though the Delaware Quitline, a public service for those quiting smoking. I am using NRT, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, I have a coach I see every 2 weeks and I have access to an 800# I can call 24/7 for support. So far, so good. This combination of support and NRT is recommended to increase my chances of success.

I had quit for 3 months last summer only to be stressed again and started again. This time I am very determined to make it the final quit. My lungs and wallet can't afford it any longer.

If you have any positive advice on quiting or how you successfully quit and what struggles you overcame feel free to share, I would love to hear about it.

Please wish me luck and prayers and positive vibes with my personal project and "Struggle for Freedom."

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Friends, strangers and random readers: Hello and I hope you have been doing well. I was on blogger sabbatical for a few months. I suppose my creative drive to express myself in the digital domain was self-controlled. I am still afoot and still searching for the truth of it all. I hope you have been doing well, in whatever place or stage of life you find yourself.
I am saddened by this massive oil spill creating havoc of the waters and environment. I can't watch the news of it anymore. I don't want to blame any particular oil companies that may or may not be the culprit but I know I won't be buying my gas from said conglomerate. Dollars over safety, profit over morality, the buck not the planet, call it what you will. It is a tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. My heart truly goes out to the people, wildlife and all living things being affected in such a harmful way. It is tragic, it is massive and it is still out of control. WTF. Is about all I have to say.

So.. I guess I still am befuddled by the state of affairs in many things. But alas, as the "Desiderata" so aptly states, "Stive to be happy". And so I am.

My mind is on visiting the Phillipines and Asia. I have attached a photo I found that resonates with me of Hong Kong. It takes my mind away from oil spills and other world problems. I find the beauty of a city skyline to be energizing and joyful.

Take care, God bless and please have yourself a safe, peaceful and joy filled Memorial Day tomorrow. And a shout out to the men and women of the armed services who gave their lives in the line of duty. May their souls rest in peace. Take a moment tomorrow to remember the purpose of the holiday.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Jah guide, bring us peace on Earth. I am tired of this bullshit, people need to chill out and start loving each other. We humans have a choice, the more positive, loving action is taken in life, and if those people reproduce; (small caveat) future generations will have more love wired into their brains. We can SOCIAL ENGINEER Love, then we can scheme to plan the great WORLD PEACE. Think SOCIAL ENGINEER PEACE.
Make it a business. Raise venture capital. Go public. Take in the money. Use the greed for the betterment of humanity. Now we are talking putting capitalism to work in the real interests of actual living, breathing human beings. PEACE, INC. yes. that sounds good to me. Sounds great to me. (sadly, I so quickly realize how insane this idea really is and how such a business would be run out of business...before it even got off the ground. I still choose to believe in Peace. :)


Est. 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010


"Life is a sexually transmitted disease that ultimately ends in death". - Spoken by Dr. Wayne Dyer, author and spiritual guru, I am not sure if he originated this quote. Another similar quote, I heard years ago in a time and place I don't recall, "Life is a disease and we are all at different stages of it". - unknown. I really don't mean to start this day off on a cynical or negative note..I just happen to find these quotes to be rather amusing, and partially true.

Oh, one question for the day. Why is it after people sneeze people say "Bless you"? I was told it was from the black plague centuries ago. However, my question is, when people today say it, most say "Blesh you". The word "bless" is often pronounced "blesh". Emphasis on the bleSH. WTF. Why is this?

Is this like the state of Maryland? It was named after Queen Mary. Yes, Mary (Mare - EEE - Land). Not "Mehr -ul- and". Or "Mur - lind". As most say it today, including myself. It should be "Mary Land". Was this pronunciation perversion a mutation of the 20th century? Or has this gone on since the days of the naming of that state? Attention linguists: please respond if you know. May you have some peace of mind today.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peace and other idealistic thoughts

I quit smoking on January 3rd, 2010. Have not had one, not ONE since then. It has not been easy. I am sick of cigarettes. Cigarettes were making me ill. Nasty, addictive nails. But I still can't get over that cute pic of Renee Zelwegger. I still have a crush on her.

Is it just me or is anyone else really sick of those annoying commercials for "Activia? Act-tiv-eee-uhhhhhhh.. The masters of advertising have branded our brains with a tune for a product that makes you shit every day, on time, on schedule. Great. I just love it when that Activia tune plays in my head, I think of all the women out there and their wonderful, clean colons. It's such a refreshing thought. Thank you, to the makers of this wonderful product, now that you've got a market share for your product, TURN OFF THAT DAMN COMMERCIAL already!

Why is peace such a foreign concept? Who doesn't want to live in peace? Isn't it nice to go out and walk down the street, in peace? Nice to go to bed at night, in peace? Nice to just live and let live, in peace? Make football a year round' sport and give people something healthier to focus their aggressions on . Take people out for paintball parties, punch a punching bag, but for humanity's sake, let's stop killing each other.

The 3 things humanity needs to figure out and git rid of are: 1. war 2. hunger 3. loneliness. With 6 billion people, no one should be lonely. There IS someone for everyone. With all of the resources and technological know-how, no one should go hungry. And with our intelligence and generally good natured souls, why can't we just have peace and evolve to a higher plane?

Are humans so full of hate, anger, revenge, violence, sadism and evil that war is inevitable and part of human life? Or is it, too, a learned behavior that can be nurtured out of our ways?
I know there are a few prestigious universities with "Peace Studies" programs. I don't know how seriously these programs are taken or what influence they have or don't have. But what I do know is that if we can figure out the nano tech of a quantum molecule and harness power to send telescopes into deep space AND solve so many other major problems, why is peace not even on the priority list? Thoughts people?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indeed, I am living the dream..I am not sure who's dream it is actually, but it is somebody's! Note the sarcasm. But hey, compared with a few million folks in Haiti this week we are ALL living the dream! So, it is relative, right? Are you "living the dream"? Who's dream is it? Or nightmare?

This world is moving very fast. Too fast. Perhaps the real revolutionary today would be the Buddhist..rejecting material complexity....embracing simplicity.

We are on information overload: cable tv, internet, cell/smart phones, satellite radio, computers at work, computers at home, computers in our smartphones, speakers on our ears, Ipods 24/7, newspapers, junk mail, someone's pager is going off and the traffic is nuts, why does anyone want to leave home? At this rate of acceleration, we shall become a mega-manic, techno-speed-greed, human rat race on steroids!

We are racing away frantically into the future...6 Billion and counting...on a road to nowhere...and we are determined to turn every plot of land into a strip mall or factory to make things to be sold at these strip malls or condos next to them to house the wage slaves buying and selling the goods of those even worse off in the sweat shops in Asia..making plastic crap we think we "need". Don't even get me started! Who, me cynical? No way. I am way beyond that, I am a philanthropic misanthrope. I really want to believe in the development of humanity, that we are on an upwards trajectory, moving towards a peaceful, just, healthy, balanced world. One with no homeless people, the sick getting medical care, all getting enough to eat, having a good education with a chance to succeed...not a free for all subsidy...but a basic standard for all, under which no one shall fall. And if we need to play Robin Hood for a while, so be it, not in the name of a historical "ideology", we are talking pragmatism! They are about to release billions more in bonuses on "we made your money fall" Wall Street. They are counting the money they Madeoff with from Bernie, the taxpayers and whoever else got schemed, scammed and slammed.

Ok, I've had enough pondering on reality. I'm going back into virtual land. I can't offer you salvation, solutions or workable utopias. I have way more questions than answers. As I move onwards towards my 4th decade on this spaceship Earth, I look back on the quarter-life crisis I had in my twenties. I realize I am really not much different now. Yes, scarred but smarter. Yes, less hair on my head, more fat on my belly, more bills in my inbox, and the temples are going grey. But fundamentally I still haven't found what I'm looking for, after thousands of miles traversed and trips to distant lands, mind trips through theories and philosophies and spiritual searching.. I am no more than the cliche of the U2 song, I still haven't found what I'm looking for..

The real money is NOT in plastics...
I am going to open my peace of mind shop. Franchised from here to Hong Kong with locations on all continents. I am going to become a billionaire, if only I can figure out how to package then sell the most sought after yet elusive thing after love. Peace of mind.
Got milk? Got peace of mind? We could all use some of that stuff. Sounds highly addictive. Open for bid-ness. If you can help me figure out how to launch this business you are now my business partner, 50/50. Let's make it happen. We need to compete against the factories churning out misery...Frustrated, Incorporated. (yes, thank you Soul Asylum)

Peace is not out. Peace is totally IN.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stop entropy. True That!

I love how language can be used. Save us from entropy! Lol. I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.. After saving the planet from global warming, the next project should be to save the Sun, after all, it is burning out as we speak, and in many millions of years it may be gone...and no one cares! lol.. Save the Sun!! (good luck)

I love this quote it true? Who knows? How can one know for sure that one does not possess some truth? To say absolutely there is no truth is a fixed opinion in and of itself. So..the wisdom is actually that one does not know whether they have truth or not. To maintain that something may be true or not true at the same time is a hard position to hold, but it acknowledges the possibility of both perhaps being right. The concept of "truth" is also a human made intellectual concept, an idea itself. What is truth? Just because something did happen does not mean it will happen again and our perceptions affect our judgements...we may think we have truth but we may not... the existential crisis inside the human mind wants to grab onto meaning, purpose and truth...afraid to have chaos. Fear of lack of meaning drives many to accept ideologies...political and religious to give them easy answers.
It is much harder to think for yourself and admit you don't know the answers......and accept the Great Mystery Of Life and The Universe. "Man is free yet everywhere he is in chains". Free your mind for a day, you may discover something unusual, thinking for yourself, question things and reality as you see it, wonder, dream, you just may open your mind to the glory of life and the wonder of this thing we call life, the universe and (pardon my cliche) everything...thank you Douglas Adams..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

READ THIS: PEACE OUT(side) that is

This billboard speaks for itself.

I second that motion expressed...Peace out

LISTEN NOW! "Glass of Water"

Ok...greetings from the First State...

I LOVE, absolutely... this song by Coldplay, "Glass of Water". It is open to interpretation, "son, don't ask, how full or empty is your glass, spend your whole time living in the past". Is it about optimism, not living with regret, not trying to understand the future, living in the present? Up to you..

The youtube video shows the lyrics, it is not an impresssive video visually at all...but the focus should be on Listening to the intense music and great lyrics.. This song blows me away. Coldplay just keeps growing on me. I used to think they were good, now I am convinced they are awesome and truly outstanding musicians..their music resonates with me...I feel more alive and it makes the blood move and emotions run.... the power of a great song! Music can be a savior..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

City of Blinding Lights video

Live from the Brooklyn Bridge, U2. I absolutely LOVE this song. It is beautiful. And this youtube video is actually quite good. I love NYC. I love U2.

If you happened to watch the Democratic National Convention last year, our soon to be President Obama walked onto stage to speak, the beginning of this song was playing to his entrance on stage. I always wondered when watching that live, just how many people in the USA knew it was a U2 song? I'm sure many fans resonated with it...and the ethereal instrumental beginning of the song I'm sure resonated with viewers who had no idea it was a U2 song. What a great song. And I wonder if Plouffe or Axelrod chose the song? I am curious who chose it...but I'm sure it helped the energy of that great campaign. Wow, was his campaign not an outstanding accomplishment? I studied political campaigns in college, and as I watched it unfold...I was is in awe of the power of the campaign, online, on tv, the crowds, the energy, I hope that sense of hope returns. That campaign was so well done and so well orchestrated...and so is this song.

And I am sad to say that U2's last production, "No Line on the Horizon" does not do the band any justice, I don't know what happened, but they lost their mojo they had on their last cd... sad to say, but I'm a huge fan and I was let down. But hey, it's hard to follow up one blockbuster with another.. so I still love them. I know some hardcore fans say their career went downhill after Achtung Baby, but I disagree. They went through a normal slump in life that all people go through, good years, bad years, ups and's part of the rhythm of life I suppose. So...even if I don't love their new cd, they are still awesome and I imagine that one day again, in the future, they will return with some truly amazing and emotionally charged great sounds.

If you've never watched U2's official video on youtube for "Yahweh" check it out too...animated...a great message too...

Peace out for now G

Sunday, October 18, 2009

WELTANGST vs. peace of mind


Anxiety and worries of the world. I googled its is hard to find a lot about it. Basically, it's all the bs and worries in your mind...about the larger world....stuff on the world news...politics, crime, war, hate, struggles, oppression, hunger, fear, the destruction of the environment, the gross inequality of wealth distribution in the world, poverty, injustice, corruption, etc. I could list a lot more. But I digress.

I really need to stop worrying and being so concerned about SO many things. I gave up the news for a few days but could not stop watching...I need to know some of what is going least what we learn from the filtered media. I want to learn and be aware, and understand. I want to help save the world and people if I can...and I know I am virtually powerless over almost all of the things I worry about. I can't save the world. Maybe the buddhists are right, life is is inevitable...we are all suffering and we desire more and more which makes us suffer more and more....we are hungry then we eat...we feel good for a few hours...then we get hungry again and feel bad..we need to eat. We are feeling sexual...and find release....then the craving returns and our mind is off again seeking pleasure. And endless pursuit of desires and needs and wants...

I am making a resolution to myself to not worry about the things I cannot control, which is 99% of the Weltangst. I want to learn to meditate. To have some peace of mind. To relax.

But I also want to be involved in a few issues I believe in to help people...I have to decide what they are. Perhaps I need to give some money to sponsor a poor school district, or pay for school supplies for a poverty stricken school in a nearby action. Or I need to give blood several times a year. Or I need to volunteer at a shelter. Or do something.. My life is not perfect, but it is relatively very good compared with the lives of millions of others who don't have enough to in squalor...struggle for survival .

I want peace of mind. I want good karma. I want to feel I am doing my little part to be a positive influence on the world. I try hard to do so.. But I need to focus my priorities and pick 1, 2, or 3 things that I want to get involved with that are positive....(and I think politics is not one of them! Talk about stress and conflict!)

I am becoming dissilusioned with politics once again. I have been through this cycle many times. I go from believing in the being very cynical about it. I have to plead the 5th amendment..I will spare you my opinions on the health care "reform", the billions in Wall Street bonuses in the middle of a huge recession, the escalation of a foreign conflict, etc, etc. I'm not feeling the Hope and Change that I voted for. If feels like a lot of more of the same status quo. I want our leaders to truly lead us....and make positive changes to make our lives better, and to make America a greater nation. I can only imagine that many people who voted for the change last year are feeling a little dissapointed in what is going on.....hey.....wait a minute....I thought we were going in a new direction? I thought we were going to start taking care of our fellow Americans? I want a leader who will stand up to interest groups that have too much influence, I want a leader who will have the guts to lead...not just compromise, not just give in to the "center", not just play the same old games in DC. I have so much respect for our new world leader....I am hoping he will be very successful, but I am feeling dissapointed right now....I feel let down....I want that rhetoric of hope and change to be put into real action.

there...I got it out of my psyche and system....I feel better!

....I am going to try and find some peace of mind for today...(sounding like Stuart Smalley!) the way, go Al Franken....who would have thought he would be where he is now!

I am going to slow down....relax..refocus...pick a few things I can be involved in that make small, positive steps in a progressive direction to help people. But I want to preserve my own sanity in the process. Welt in are not helping me....I need to be centered from a center of peace and calm. (....deep breath.....breathe..) Enjoy the day folks, and see if you can do one thing to help one other human being today...even if it is just holding the door for someone and smiling at them!

Monday, October 12, 2009


BBW. Some love the term, others hate it. You may know already, it stands for Big, Beautiful Women(Woman). Usage of the term is generally used in a positive light by men who prefer "plus sized", "voluptuous", "curvy", "zaftig", women. Not all "BBW's" like the term but it has become a mainstream term on the net and in personal ads and for social gathering events for those who are and like BBW's.

I did not invent the term, wikipedia claims to know it's origin, I'm not sure about that.. Regardless, I am one of those men who prefers the larger ladies. Many of us who have this preference have been categorized as out of the mainstream...but there are more and more people who have become aware and interested in the size acceptance movement. And many men secretly harbor fantasies of being with BBW's but they are "in the closet", secretly wishing their skinny girlfriend had some meat on her bones! How sad. Better to admit it and get on with finding some "big" love.

It is not a strange, mysterious "fetish". It is a preference, just as some of you may prefer brown or blue eyes, or red hair or blond hair....

I believe we all have physical attraction "preferences". Some like tall people. Some women like just Latino men. Some guys like petite blondes. Some women only like other women. Some women only date guys in great athletic shape. I really don't care what someone prefers...but I think we all have some preferences...and so liking BBW's is just a preference. I personally have found BBW's the most attractive type of woman since I was in my teens. I have also been attracted to non-BBW's. I just have a personal preference. I hate when people try to explain it in some sort of psychological analysis terms, "he must think big woman are easier...", "...he is overweight so he only goes for overweight women...", "...he thinks he can manipulate such women..". I've heard it all. Pure nonsense. I know what I like...I know myself and my real attraction to BBW's and how it is real, visceral and not psychological.

SO: If you unaware of the Size Acceptance Movement, check it out. Big people should not be discriminated against...just as tall or short people should not be....just as we should not stereotype by race, class, age or other "pigeonhole".

For more resources check out these sites:

Thank you for listening and be sure to hit me back with some reactions if you disagree, agree or just have something to say. I wish you peace. And next time you see a person of size...try not to prejudge them as a person, open your mind up, this is a fellow human being...with fears and hopes and desires just like you...and they too can be proud of who they are. And there are many guys (and women..) out there who prefer ample love, and declare that: "too much of a good thing, is a great thing!"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?

Above music video: Elvis Costello, "What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?". It is by far one of my favorite songs and the lyrics ring true. Hope you like it. I recall watching it on MTV (back in the the good ole days of real rock video!) in the early 80's as a teen...I loved it then...and still love this song. Youtube has many other versions of the song to check to check out. I watched most of them and liked this one with the lyrics.

Good evening to my rather limited readership audience. (You know who you are!) I think I know who you are..and can count you on one hand. I hope you have been well. The past few months have brought some blessings into my life..including a new career and a move. It has been and is a great journey to be on. I've been able to find more joy in life (ok...I still read too many newspapers and have VELTANGST!) and things have been going much better. I consider most of the earlier part of this year and the 2nd half of last year as a rather dark period of life for me. I am feeling much more hopeful and optimistic. I took a "news fast" for a few days and have refocused on things I, books, coffee, talking to friends, food and enjoying some of life's simple pleasures. Warning: Reading and watching too much news can be hazardous to your health!! It causes anxiety and other modern afflictions of the mind. It can be toxic to the soul. So... I hope you are doing well and be sure to remember to smell the roses, or cologne, or fresh roasted coffee....or whatever makes you happy! And do it at least once a day.

My offer and extension of welcome to the Dalai Lama to come to Delaware and have lunch with me and some friends still stands. He is in high demand so I don't think that will be happening anytime soon. If there is one hero I have in mind these days he is the man. I am not an adherent to his whole philosophy...but so much of what he has done and has to say give me so much admiration for this wonderful person. If you don't know about him and Tibetan should look into it to learn more.


I don't push religion or philosophy. I approach it with an open mind. I like to learn and understand ideas. I am interested in understanding out of intellectual curiousity, not being an ideologue. But check it out and reflect on some of his thoughts and feelings. I wish more world leaders would pick up some of his vibes and love of humanity. He is a beacon of light in an often dark world. Some of his words and his overall energy resonate with me: I believe he is the real deal. He is not a man after power, greed, control, status, money or ego tripping. He is among an enlightened part of humanity that is spiritually advanced beyond modern civilization and our focus on ego, money and power. One day, many years in the future, humanity may realize what it had...and appreciate it...or may continue devolving into the overpopulated, environmentally ruined, polarized world of haves and have nots. A neo-Malthusian crisis seems likely in the future as we go beyond 6 billion people. I pray that humanity is moving in a positive trajectory but my realism and cynicism at times leads me to think the opposite is happening. De-evolution.

I can't even get into the politics of the fate of the Tibetan people, it is one of the saddest situations in the world. What has occured there over the last half century is a crime against humanity. I can only hope that the Tibetan people can get the hell out of there and keep their traditions and culture alive in India and other parts of the world where they are accepted and allowed to be free. My heart and prayers are with the Tibetan buddhists and their plight. I think karma is going to be very good to them in the long run! Good Karma.

Have a wonderful day and week. Think about it, what is so funny about peace, love and understanding? Why are these such alien ideas in so many places and people?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Final Installment of Coldplay videos

As promised previously, the 3rd and final installment of 3 videos. Coldplay, "Life in Technicolor II", with lyrics playing and their official video. It's animated and quite entertaining. I love this song. Rock on Coldplay..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Death and taxes on Coffee?

The above picture is the chemical formula for Caffeine. The last, greatest, untaxed mind altering substance consumed by over 80% of the worlds' population on a daily basis...whether through coffee, tea, soda or chocolate. It is one of the oldest, natural legal stimulants. Since taxes are currently being added to just about everything (cell phones charges are on the list, cities taxing more waste services, and plastic/paper grocery bags)I hope they don't look at caffeine as the next drug to tax. I'm sure it's been considered. I hope it's not the next tax target. Talk about erupting a Boston Tea/Coffee party! Caffeine Consumers of the World Unite! I am enjoying my morning coffee right now. It is easing me into the day. Can you imagine 8% being added onto your frappucino bill? (I don't have to worry about that I just drink plain coffee and iced coffee...)

I had the fortunate pleasure to be taken to my favorite small batch roastery yesterday. Indian River Espresso and Coffee Co. in Millsboro, DE. Dennis Lasher is the roastmaster, and a great one at that. Fresh coffee was being roasted right in front of me and other customers. The aromas were amazing. I picked up some coffee with an origin in Timor, a dark roast. Some Kenya Peaberry beans and Dennis threw in some Indian Robusta beans...they have twice the caffeine as an arabica bean, however robusta beans are not considered as high quality. The beans were glistening with oils and are very fragrant. I can't wait to enjoy these roasts at home. Dennis made an iced coffee for me with a shot of espresso (Timor roast beans), water, ice and cream. It was the best I've had a in a long time. It really made me realize how storebought and even quality franchise coffee is just not as good as fresh roasted coffee from a local roastery. If you have a local roastery near you be sure to give their beans a try and support such a local enterprise.

The sun is shining, it's not raining and I'm hoping it's going to be a great day. Carpe Diem.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things I really miss..

We've had many straight days of rain here in Jersey, on and off and it's giving me some cabin fever and longings for time's past. It's got me thinking about things I really miss that I was day dreaming of recently.

1. Great concerts. I still reflect on seeing U2 at the old JFK stadium in Philly (since torn down) during their Joshua Tree Tour back in 1987. It was the best concert I've been was magical, ethereal and the energy in the crowd was intense. I still remember the ambience of the whole crowd singing "I still havn't found what I'm looking for". Which has become a life anthem of sorts for me.
My second favorite concert was seeing The Replacements play during my senior year at Rutgers at the gymnasium on College Ave. Iggy Pop opened up and it was a feast of musical excellence. The whole crowd danced and a minor mosh pit was formed with a few stage dives. It was in about 1992 or 1993. I still like Paul Westerbergs solo work since the Replacements broke up.

2. I wish I could go on vacation to Hilton Head Island and stay at the Hyatt at Palmetto Dunes resort. Our family vacationed when I was a kid at Sea Pines and Palmetto Dunes. I have great memories of Hilton Head. I understand it has become very over-developed in recent years and is not as quaint as it used to be..seems to be happening all over. Something great gets discovered by Everyone and then loses its charm. I feel the same way about Long Beach Island, NJ, it just got way too over-developed and the charming seafood restaurants became sterile, cookie cutter and "Disneyfied" into a plastic remnant of what they once were.

3. I miss St. Louis. I had a wonderful 90+ year old home that was all brick and hardwood floors with a big yard. I paid 93k in 2000. Can't touch anything like that on the east coast for less than 400k or more. I miss the Starbucks on the Delmar Loop by Washington University. The great people watching. The used record store Vintage Vinyl had great deals on used lp's and cd's. I met a girl I dated briefly at the laundrymat a block away. I miss the great architecture of St. Louis, the friendly mid-western demeanor not present in the east coast, Forest Park, South St. Louis and all it's cool neighborhoods like Grand St. I used to relax at Mokabe's cafe, they catered to a lesbian crowd but they allowed a token hetero like me in once in a while as long as I was a paying cappucino drinker. The outside patio with tables and chairs was a great place to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and watch people while flipping through the local paper of events, The Riverfront Times. I miss the bbw's of the area, the finest in the country in my opinion. A big shout out to all the lovely bbw's in Missouri and Southern Illinois. The east coast can't touch your charm.

4. I miss long conversations with many old friends, in person, not by email or phone. I wish Kevin, Michael, Seth, Rey, Kevin, Rob, Raymee, Mike and others were around the block so I could hang out with them. People move, times change and life goes on. I always miss old friends and learn to appreciate what each had uniquely to offer as a friend as time goes on. I miss you all. I love my current close group of friends and am blessed to have them. I will also miss those who have slid into the distant rear view mirror of life.

5. Right now I'm really missing Gunny the dog. His owners picked him up yesterday after I watched him for about 2 weeks. I miss him. He was a great canine companion and a friend. It really makes me want to get a dog of my own in the future. I think having a dog brings a lot of joy to life and is great for the soul. I was sad washing out his water bowl and food dish today knowing I won't see him for some time. The new apartments I will be moving to don't allow dogs! Only cats. Shame on them. I'm calling the ACLU for a dog discrimination suit, I'm sure they can find something in the Constitution protecting dog lovers, or at least they should! How mean can they be not allowing dogs? Yeah I know, you say well rent somewhere else or buy a place of my own.. I plan on saving to buy a place, I much prefer being a home or condo owner and then I can have a dog with a nice little back yard for him/her to walk around in.

6. I miss a lot of other things right now, too many to count. I'm going to take my mind off that and focus on the nice things I do have right now. I have healthy loving parents, several good friends, plenty of food to eat, I'm not broke (well not totally), I have a new job I'm about to start that I'm totally grateful for, I have tons of travel and life experiences under my belt and if I would just quit smoking cigs and lose more weight I'd be pretty darn healthy too! So I thank God for all the blessings I do have. I wish my father a very Happy Father's Day! Thanks for bringing me into this great but at times crazy world. And thank you for all the great things you have done for me over the years. I wish for many more great years ahead of happiness and health.

Peace to Jah. Enjoy the day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Health kick while watching the dawg...

I am fortunate enough to be watching my brother's girlfriend's dog Gunny again! He is the dog pictured on the right. I really think of Gunny as part of the family now, not just Julee's dog. He is the nicest dog. He is napping on my couch right now, chillin' out. When he's not excited about eating he is sound asleep napping....hey that sounds like someone else I live with! Gunny even let me sleep in without waking me. He does like to get up earlier than I do. He's a morning dog, I am a night dawg.

My switch to green tea and other teas is going well. I just had a refreshing glass of iced tea, a blended fusion. A mix of Trader Joes green tea, Whole Foods 365 Yerba Mate with green tea, and Yogi Tea's superantioxidant green tea. With a slice of fresh squeezed lemon and sweetened with a packet of stevia from Trader Joes. I sure am getting used to stevia in my coffee and tea. I like it. At first it had a little aftertaste but not anymore. I like to think the antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins are obsorbing and nuetralizing all the other bad things I put in my body like the nicotine and tar. Maybe it will even out? Maybe not?

I got on my health kick the other day and went to both Trader Joes and Whole Foods Market. And thanks to Lesley for mentioning to me, that WF's has stevia sweetened beverages. I tried a sort of diet-cola, called Zevia. It is a natural soda, sweetened with the stevia leaf, tartaric acid from fruit instead of phosporic acid and natural flavors. It is quite good cold on ice. I will be purchasing it again. It costs more than regular diet soda but it was very good and I did not have to go on a chemical detox to get it out of my system. Zevia comes in several flavors like root beer and orange. I've only tried the diet cola, very good stuff! There website is That's my unpaid endorsement speech.

During my health kick shopping spree I also picked up some organic pears, dried cranberries (love them!), Kefir yogurt beverage (need my probiotics once in a while..), organic bananas, organic almonds (love nuts! Takes one to know one), organic milk, and 100% cranberry juice not from is some strong stuff, needs to be cut with water. I'm feeling healthier just thinking about all these yummy goodies.

I also snuck in an organic energy drink that tastes great but is a little pricy. Steaz Energy drink, berry flavor. It has natural sugars, green tea, guarana, yerba mate and acai juice. Very tasty indeed. I only buy energy drinks occasionally, maybe once a month. I admit to liking the diet Rock Star energy drink, but I'm sure I'd read the ingredients today and pass on it. The Steaz brand is a healthier alternative. Caffeine, guarana, yerba mate, teas, sugar...can anyone say legal "Stimulants"!

So it's a partial health kick. More in the right direction. I need to remember to eat my vegetables and drink plain water as well. And if I can add on a regular excercise routine I'll be completely open for bid-ness. We are all works in progress.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life In Technicolor 2 : Obsession Continued..

The youtube video is the lyrics to Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor II" song. I posted two others related to this one...the original Life in Technicolor, then the extended version of the first version. This is part 3 of 4 total! Yes, one more is to come, that will be the actual video made for version II, an interesting animation video.

I am not obsessed with this song, I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with it! Ha. Some things you just can't get enough iced coffee, m&m's, Smartfood cheddar popcorn and music inspired euphoria!

SO, there are 3 versions of the same basic song. Instrumental, extended instrumental, and vocal part II. My favorite is still the old original but I love them all.

Take 4 minutes and 6 seconds to watch the video, read the lyrics and listen to the great tunes....enjoy. Live from a Dubble Dee, DD, Dunkin Donuts store! That's right, I'm not at Starbucks tonight. Giving Dunkin Donut's a piece of my bid-ness. Righteous. This one has free wifi, a nice flat screen tv with the news and some most outstanding java a' brewin'. The glorious roasted bean, the ambience, the internet, Colplay playing, what more could one ask for? Oh, a doughnut please...can I get one sweetened with stevia? Psyche. Peace out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aspartame to Green Tea switcharoo

(photo note) I shall continue my tradition of blurry light night photos with the above photo, free courtesy of, they just get to put their huge logo on the picture, not a bad trade since I did not take the picture!

I gave up diet soda 6 days ago. Tomorrow will be 1 week, day 7 wahooo. Whether it be diet-coke, diet-pepsi, diet dr. pepper, diet 7 up, I was drinking it. Lots of it. Diet soda had become a close friend of mine. Not a healthy friend. Especially when your friend wants you to drive to 7-11 at 11pm to buy 44 ounces of chemical sparkly liquid to quench an addiction. Sure, addiction to soda is not listed in the DSM IV as an "official" addiction but I believe it is an addiction like any other. Withdrawl symptoms when discontinuing use, cravings, excessive consumption etc. I am mostly doing this for my health and to save money.

I won't pretend to be a scientist but I became concerned about all of the not so natural sweeteners in diet sodas. Mainly aspertame in my drinks of choice. Just google aspartame and health and you will find thousands of articles alleging damaging health effects from its consumption. I am not here to defame the chemical, I just want to get off of it for good and feel healthier. You can be a guinea pig and keep drinking the stuff and let me know if you develop health problems later. I will be busy drinking water, coffee and iced tea. I've been chain drinking diet sodas for about 10 years and my bodily organs can not take the abuse any longer. I am on a detox from diet soda.

I have taken up a relationship with a new, healthier friend. Specifically, green tea. It's been consumed for thousands of years, has many health benefits and gives the body good things like antioxidants. I am flavoring it with the natural sweetener Stevia. I prefer iced tea but also drink some hot tea. You may know about Stevia already or not. It is a natural leaf grown mostly in South America. It is calorie free, completely natural and non-addictive. If they come out with a healthy soda flavored with Stevia I just might have to try it. Minus the phosporic acid that is. I'm getting picky! Next thing you know I'm going to be buying the hormone free meats at whole foods. Not too quick, just one change at a time, I'll tackle the other habitary monsters later...I can handle getting off diet soda and switching to tea. Not sure when I can be released from the nicotine prison.

I am having fun brewing my own tea at home. I've made some cool mixes with green tea with lemon mixed with earl grey and a green tea that has other natural herbs. It's fun to mix and match, experiment and try different flavors. I love juice mixed with tea. There is a wide variety of sweetened tea products for sale in any convenience store...however...most of these are 1. if they are diet they have the artificial sweetenters 2. if they are not diet, they tend to be loaded with high fructose corn syrup. I don't have time to go into that one...just google it to find out potential health hazards. It's hard to find a juice or sweet tea made with only natural or cane sugar. There are a few on the market but you really have to look around to find them.

And yes, I am beginning to appreciate the simplicity of a glass of cold water. So simple, so refreshing and pure. Water is the ultimate health beverage...that is if it's not full of harsh trace chemicals and tons of chlorine used to sterilize it! It's hard to be healthy isn't it.

Have you ever quit soda? How long did the withdrawls last? Are you a fan of tea? Do you believe it has many health benefits? Post my blog or call our customer care green tea hotline at 1-800-Drinkgreen to post your thoughts. I'm about to enjoy a warm cup of tea now. Nothing obscure, just Lipton Green tea flavored with natural lemon. It is relaxing to drink tea. Tea is comforting and soothing. I am teavolving away from the soda habit....I'll update you on my progress and withdrawl symptoms. Git R' Done, Git Some Tea!