Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stop entropy. True That!

I love how language can be used. Save us from entropy! Lol. I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.. After saving the planet from global warming, the next project should be to save the Sun, after all, it is burning out as we speak, and in many millions of years it may be gone...and no one cares! lol.. Save the Sun!! (good luck)

I love this quote it true? Who knows? How can one know for sure that one does not possess some truth? To say absolutely there is no truth is a fixed opinion in and of itself. So..the wisdom is actually that one does not know whether they have truth or not. To maintain that something may be true or not true at the same time is a hard position to hold, but it acknowledges the possibility of both perhaps being right. The concept of "truth" is also a human made intellectual concept, an idea itself. What is truth? Just because something did happen does not mean it will happen again and our perceptions affect our judgements...we may think we have truth but we may not... the existential crisis inside the human mind wants to grab onto meaning, purpose and truth...afraid to have chaos. Fear of lack of meaning drives many to accept ideologies...political and religious to give them easy answers.
It is much harder to think for yourself and admit you don't know the answers......and accept the Great Mystery Of Life and The Universe. "Man is free yet everywhere he is in chains". Free your mind for a day, you may discover something unusual, thinking for yourself, question things and reality as you see it, wonder, dream, you just may open your mind to the glory of life and the wonder of this thing we call life, the universe and (pardon my cliche) everything...thank you Douglas Adams..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

READ THIS: PEACE OUT(side) that is

This billboard speaks for itself.

I second that motion expressed...Peace out

LISTEN NOW! "Glass of Water"

Ok...greetings from the First State...

I LOVE, absolutely... this song by Coldplay, "Glass of Water". It is open to interpretation, "son, don't ask, how full or empty is your glass, spend your whole time living in the past". Is it about optimism, not living with regret, not trying to understand the future, living in the present? Up to you..

The youtube video shows the lyrics, it is not an impresssive video visually at all...but the focus should be on Listening to the intense music and great lyrics.. This song blows me away. Coldplay just keeps growing on me. I used to think they were good, now I am convinced they are awesome and truly outstanding musicians..their music resonates with me...I feel more alive and it makes the blood move and emotions run.... the power of a great song! Music can be a savior..