Saturday, March 6, 2010


Jah guide, bring us peace on Earth. I am tired of this bullshit, people need to chill out and start loving each other. We humans have a choice, the more positive, loving action is taken in life, and if those people reproduce; (small caveat) future generations will have more love wired into their brains. We can SOCIAL ENGINEER Love, then we can scheme to plan the great WORLD PEACE. Think SOCIAL ENGINEER PEACE.
Make it a business. Raise venture capital. Go public. Take in the money. Use the greed for the betterment of humanity. Now we are talking putting capitalism to work in the real interests of actual living, breathing human beings. PEACE, INC. yes. that sounds good to me. Sounds great to me. (sadly, I so quickly realize how insane this idea really is and how such a business would be run out of business...before it even got off the ground. I still choose to believe in Peace. :)


Est. 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010


"Life is a sexually transmitted disease that ultimately ends in death". - Spoken by Dr. Wayne Dyer, author and spiritual guru, I am not sure if he originated this quote. Another similar quote, I heard years ago in a time and place I don't recall, "Life is a disease and we are all at different stages of it". - unknown. I really don't mean to start this day off on a cynical or negative note..I just happen to find these quotes to be rather amusing, and partially true.

Oh, one question for the day. Why is it after people sneeze people say "Bless you"? I was told it was from the black plague centuries ago. However, my question is, when people today say it, most say "Blesh you". The word "bless" is often pronounced "blesh". Emphasis on the bleSH. WTF. Why is this?

Is this like the state of Maryland? It was named after Queen Mary. Yes, Mary (Mare - EEE - Land). Not "Mehr -ul- and". Or "Mur - lind". As most say it today, including myself. It should be "Mary Land". Was this pronunciation perversion a mutation of the 20th century? Or has this gone on since the days of the naming of that state? Attention linguists: please respond if you know. May you have some peace of mind today.