Sunday, May 30, 2010


Friends, strangers and random readers: Hello and I hope you have been doing well. I was on blogger sabbatical for a few months. I suppose my creative drive to express myself in the digital domain was self-controlled. I am still afoot and still searching for the truth of it all. I hope you have been doing well, in whatever place or stage of life you find yourself.
I am saddened by this massive oil spill creating havoc of the waters and environment. I can't watch the news of it anymore. I don't want to blame any particular oil companies that may or may not be the culprit but I know I won't be buying my gas from said conglomerate. Dollars over safety, profit over morality, the buck not the planet, call it what you will. It is a tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. My heart truly goes out to the people, wildlife and all living things being affected in such a harmful way. It is tragic, it is massive and it is still out of control. WTF. Is about all I have to say.

So.. I guess I still am befuddled by the state of affairs in many things. But alas, as the "Desiderata" so aptly states, "Stive to be happy". And so I am.

My mind is on visiting the Phillipines and Asia. I have attached a photo I found that resonates with me of Hong Kong. It takes my mind away from oil spills and other world problems. I find the beauty of a city skyline to be energizing and joyful.

Take care, God bless and please have yourself a safe, peaceful and joy filled Memorial Day tomorrow. And a shout out to the men and women of the armed services who gave their lives in the line of duty. May their souls rest in peace. Take a moment tomorrow to remember the purpose of the holiday.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Jah guide, bring us peace on Earth. I am tired of this bullshit, people need to chill out and start loving each other. We humans have a choice, the more positive, loving action is taken in life, and if those people reproduce; (small caveat) future generations will have more love wired into their brains. We can SOCIAL ENGINEER Love, then we can scheme to plan the great WORLD PEACE. Think SOCIAL ENGINEER PEACE.
Make it a business. Raise venture capital. Go public. Take in the money. Use the greed for the betterment of humanity. Now we are talking putting capitalism to work in the real interests of actual living, breathing human beings. PEACE, INC. yes. that sounds good to me. Sounds great to me. (sadly, I so quickly realize how insane this idea really is and how such a business would be run out of business...before it even got off the ground. I still choose to believe in Peace. :)


Est. 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010


"Life is a sexually transmitted disease that ultimately ends in death". - Spoken by Dr. Wayne Dyer, author and spiritual guru, I am not sure if he originated this quote. Another similar quote, I heard years ago in a time and place I don't recall, "Life is a disease and we are all at different stages of it". - unknown. I really don't mean to start this day off on a cynical or negative note..I just happen to find these quotes to be rather amusing, and partially true.

Oh, one question for the day. Why is it after people sneeze people say "Bless you"? I was told it was from the black plague centuries ago. However, my question is, when people today say it, most say "Blesh you". The word "bless" is often pronounced "blesh". Emphasis on the bleSH. WTF. Why is this?

Is this like the state of Maryland? It was named after Queen Mary. Yes, Mary (Mare - EEE - Land). Not "Mehr -ul- and". Or "Mur - lind". As most say it today, including myself. It should be "Mary Land". Was this pronunciation perversion a mutation of the 20th century? Or has this gone on since the days of the naming of that state? Attention linguists: please respond if you know. May you have some peace of mind today.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peace and other idealistic thoughts

I quit smoking on January 3rd, 2010. Have not had one, not ONE since then. It has not been easy. I am sick of cigarettes. Cigarettes were making me ill. Nasty, addictive nails. But I still can't get over that cute pic of Renee Zelwegger. I still have a crush on her.

Is it just me or is anyone else really sick of those annoying commercials for "Activia? Act-tiv-eee-uhhhhhhh.. The masters of advertising have branded our brains with a tune for a product that makes you shit every day, on time, on schedule. Great. I just love it when that Activia tune plays in my head, I think of all the women out there and their wonderful, clean colons. It's such a refreshing thought. Thank you, to the makers of this wonderful product, now that you've got a market share for your product, TURN OFF THAT DAMN COMMERCIAL already!

Why is peace such a foreign concept? Who doesn't want to live in peace? Isn't it nice to go out and walk down the street, in peace? Nice to go to bed at night, in peace? Nice to just live and let live, in peace? Make football a year round' sport and give people something healthier to focus their aggressions on . Take people out for paintball parties, punch a punching bag, but for humanity's sake, let's stop killing each other.

The 3 things humanity needs to figure out and git rid of are: 1. war 2. hunger 3. loneliness. With 6 billion people, no one should be lonely. There IS someone for everyone. With all of the resources and technological know-how, no one should go hungry. And with our intelligence and generally good natured souls, why can't we just have peace and evolve to a higher plane?

Are humans so full of hate, anger, revenge, violence, sadism and evil that war is inevitable and part of human life? Or is it, too, a learned behavior that can be nurtured out of our ways?
I know there are a few prestigious universities with "Peace Studies" programs. I don't know how seriously these programs are taken or what influence they have or don't have. But what I do know is that if we can figure out the nano tech of a quantum molecule and harness power to send telescopes into deep space AND solve so many other major problems, why is peace not even on the priority list? Thoughts people?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indeed, I am living the dream..I am not sure who's dream it is actually, but it is somebody's! Note the sarcasm. But hey, compared with a few million folks in Haiti this week we are ALL living the dream! So, it is relative, right? Are you "living the dream"? Who's dream is it? Or nightmare?

This world is moving very fast. Too fast. Perhaps the real revolutionary today would be the Buddhist..rejecting material complexity....embracing simplicity.

We are on information overload: cable tv, internet, cell/smart phones, satellite radio, computers at work, computers at home, computers in our smartphones, speakers on our ears, Ipods 24/7, newspapers, junk mail, someone's pager is going off and the traffic is nuts, why does anyone want to leave home? At this rate of acceleration, we shall become a mega-manic, techno-speed-greed, human rat race on steroids!

We are racing away frantically into the future...6 Billion and counting...on a road to nowhere...and we are determined to turn every plot of land into a strip mall or factory to make things to be sold at these strip malls or condos next to them to house the wage slaves buying and selling the goods of those even worse off in the sweat shops in Asia..making plastic crap we think we "need". Don't even get me started! Who, me cynical? No way. I am way beyond that, I am a philanthropic misanthrope. I really want to believe in the development of humanity, that we are on an upwards trajectory, moving towards a peaceful, just, healthy, balanced world. One with no homeless people, the sick getting medical care, all getting enough to eat, having a good education with a chance to succeed...not a free for all subsidy...but a basic standard for all, under which no one shall fall. And if we need to play Robin Hood for a while, so be it, not in the name of a historical "ideology", we are talking pragmatism! They are about to release billions more in bonuses on "we made your money fall" Wall Street. They are counting the money they Madeoff with from Bernie, the taxpayers and whoever else got schemed, scammed and slammed.

Ok, I've had enough pondering on reality. I'm going back into virtual land. I can't offer you salvation, solutions or workable utopias. I have way more questions than answers. As I move onwards towards my 4th decade on this spaceship Earth, I look back on the quarter-life crisis I had in my twenties. I realize I am really not much different now. Yes, scarred but smarter. Yes, less hair on my head, more fat on my belly, more bills in my inbox, and the temples are going grey. But fundamentally I still haven't found what I'm looking for, after thousands of miles traversed and trips to distant lands, mind trips through theories and philosophies and spiritual searching.. I am no more than the cliche of the U2 song, I still haven't found what I'm looking for..

The real money is NOT in plastics...
I am going to open my peace of mind shop. Franchised from here to Hong Kong with locations on all continents. I am going to become a billionaire, if only I can figure out how to package then sell the most sought after yet elusive thing after love. Peace of mind.
Got milk? Got peace of mind? We could all use some of that stuff. Sounds highly addictive. Open for bid-ness. If you can help me figure out how to launch this business you are now my business partner, 50/50. Let's make it happen. We need to compete against the factories churning out misery...Frustrated, Incorporated. (yes, thank you Soul Asylum)

Peace is not out. Peace is totally IN.