Sunday, May 30, 2010


Friends, strangers and random readers: Hello and I hope you have been doing well. I was on blogger sabbatical for a few months. I suppose my creative drive to express myself in the digital domain was self-controlled. I am still afoot and still searching for the truth of it all. I hope you have been doing well, in whatever place or stage of life you find yourself.
I am saddened by this massive oil spill creating havoc of the waters and environment. I can't watch the news of it anymore. I don't want to blame any particular oil companies that may or may not be the culprit but I know I won't be buying my gas from said conglomerate. Dollars over safety, profit over morality, the buck not the planet, call it what you will. It is a tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. My heart truly goes out to the people, wildlife and all living things being affected in such a harmful way. It is tragic, it is massive and it is still out of control. WTF. Is about all I have to say.

So.. I guess I still am befuddled by the state of affairs in many things. But alas, as the "Desiderata" so aptly states, "Stive to be happy". And so I am.

My mind is on visiting the Phillipines and Asia. I have attached a photo I found that resonates with me of Hong Kong. It takes my mind away from oil spills and other world problems. I find the beauty of a city skyline to be energizing and joyful.

Take care, God bless and please have yourself a safe, peaceful and joy filled Memorial Day tomorrow. And a shout out to the men and women of the armed services who gave their lives in the line of duty. May their souls rest in peace. Take a moment tomorrow to remember the purpose of the holiday.

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