Sunday, October 25, 2009

City of Blinding Lights video

Live from the Brooklyn Bridge, U2. I absolutely LOVE this song. It is beautiful. And this youtube video is actually quite good. I love NYC. I love U2.

If you happened to watch the Democratic National Convention last year, our soon to be President Obama walked onto stage to speak, the beginning of this song was playing to his entrance on stage. I always wondered when watching that live, just how many people in the USA knew it was a U2 song? I'm sure many fans resonated with it...and the ethereal instrumental beginning of the song I'm sure resonated with viewers who had no idea it was a U2 song. What a great song. And I wonder if Plouffe or Axelrod chose the song? I am curious who chose it...but I'm sure it helped the energy of that great campaign. Wow, was his campaign not an outstanding accomplishment? I studied political campaigns in college, and as I watched it unfold...I was is in awe of the power of the campaign, online, on tv, the crowds, the energy, I hope that sense of hope returns. That campaign was so well done and so well orchestrated...and so is this song.

And I am sad to say that U2's last production, "No Line on the Horizon" does not do the band any justice, I don't know what happened, but they lost their mojo they had on their last cd... sad to say, but I'm a huge fan and I was let down. But hey, it's hard to follow up one blockbuster with another.. so I still love them. I know some hardcore fans say their career went downhill after Achtung Baby, but I disagree. They went through a normal slump in life that all people go through, good years, bad years, ups and's part of the rhythm of life I suppose. So...even if I don't love their new cd, they are still awesome and I imagine that one day again, in the future, they will return with some truly amazing and emotionally charged great sounds.

If you've never watched U2's official video on youtube for "Yahweh" check it out too...animated...a great message too...

Peace out for now G

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